Why may BOLT-LMM and SAIGE (quantitative, linear-mixed model) yield different results when ran on the absolutely the same dataset?

As a validation experiment, I have run the same GWAS of a quantitative phenotype derived from the UKBiobank, alongside the genomic data from the UKBiobank, once using the program BOLT-LMM and once using SAIGE linear mixed model (with selected quantitative trait tag). I wanted to see if the results would be comparable.

I however encountered consistantly lower p-values of the SAIGE output summary statistics than of the corresponding BOLT ones. In particular, I had many snp loci along the genome that were significant (with 10^(-8) level of significance) according to BOLT but were not significant (relative to the same level) according to SAIGE.

My question is, why might there be such discrepancy (e.g. what have I done wrong) and what is the proper way to set up a liner mixed model GWAS run in SAIGE (or alternatively how to set up its BOLT counterpart) in order for the results of both BOLT and SAIGE to be comparable?

I have included the input tags that I have used in my runs with BOLT and SAIGE (Step1 and Step2), in case this is useful. The (bed, bim, fam), (bgen, bgen-index, sample) as well as (phenotype and covariates table, phenotype and covariate columns) used in both scripts are the same.


--bed=  --bim=  --fam=  --remove= 
--phenoFile=  --phenoCol=  --covarFile=  --qCovarCol=  --qCovarCol=  --covarCol= 
--LDscoresMatchBp --maxMissingPerIndiv 1 --lmm 
--LDscoresFile=LDSCORE.1000G_EUR.tab.gz --geneticMapFile=genetic_map_hg19.txt.gz 
--numThreads=32 --bgenFile=1.bgen --sampleFile=1.sample 
--statsFile=   --statsFileBgenSnps=

SAIGE Step 1:

--plinkFile=  --phenoFile=  --sampleIDColinphenoFile= --phenoCol=  
--traitType=quantitative --invNormalize=TRUE 
--covarColList=  --outputPrefix=  --nThreads=32 --LOCO=FALSE --tauInit=1,0

SAIGE Step 2:

/SAIGE/SAIGE- --minMAF=  --minMAC=   
--bgenFile=  --bgenFileIndex=  --sampleFile= 
--GMMATmodelFile=  --varianceRatioFile= 
--SAIGEOutputFile=  --numLinesOutput=2 --IsDropMissingDosages=FALSE --LOCO=FALSE

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