BTA, BTLA – Antibody Engineering, ADC Engineering (m/f/d), Heidelberg – VERAXA Biotech GmbH – Biology & Life Sciences

Veraxa Biotech GmbH is a young spin-off of the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) in Heidelberg and specializes in the rapid and functional screening of antibodies using droplet-based microfluidic technology as well in the engineering of antibodies to yield superior antibody-drug-conjugates (ADC). Compared to current antibody screening methods, Veraxa’ technology enables the quantitative and rapid recognition of antibody functions in target cells for the first time. This will significantly shorten preclinical development times for therapeutic antibodies and allow patients to be treated earlier. Our ADC technology enables us to site-specifically install multiple toxic payloads on different sites of the antibody applying the fastest labeling method known today, making our technology outstanding compared to competitors on the market.
For the expansion of our team in the field of ADC engineering we are looking for new employees:

Scientific assistants / Technical assistants / BTAs (m/f/d) antibody engineering

Your duties

  • Lab organization, ordering and taking care of general lab duties, like media and reagent preparation
  • Support of generating new antibody constructs by molecular biology methods including handling of bacterial cells
  • Support of antibody expression in mammalian cells
  • Support of antibody purification
  • Support of cultivating diverse mammalian cell lines
  • Independent evaluation and documentation of test results


  • completed training as BTA/Biology Laboratory Technician (m/f) or similar
  • Hands-on experience in molecular biology techniques, especially handling bacterial cells, cloning and DNA preparation.
  • Practical knowledge in the expression and purification of proteins
  • Practical experience in the production of antibodies out of suspension mammalian cell culture would be advantageous
  • Experiences in handling adherent mammalian cells would be a plus
  • Excellent organizational skills, motivated and team-oriented mindset
  • Commitment and interest in working on applied and research-specific issues in a team
  • Fluent English is mandatory, since English is the working language of our company
  • Solid handling of MS Office software

Are you interested?

Then please send your application to the following Email.

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