Open multi-file AlphaFold models | ChimeraX Recipes

# Open AlphaFold database models for proteins larger than 1400 amino acids.
# These calculated in 1400 amino acid segments every 200 amino acids due to
# limitations (GPU memory) of the AlphaFold software.  We load and align
# the segment models.  This produces many clashes.
# Opening this Python in ChimeraX (version newer than August 2021 because it
# uses the new combine command) will register the "bigalpha" command.
# You need to have downloaded the human AlphaFold database models from
# Then ChimeraX commands to load the model of the protein Titin
#  cd /directory/of/alphafold/models
#  bigalpha Q8WZ42
def open_multifile_alphafold_model(session, uniprot_id = 'Q8WZ42', directory = '.',
                                   combine = True, residues_per_file = 1400,
                                   overlap = 200, align_span = 5):
    # Allow multiple UniProt identifiers comma-separated.
    if ',' in uniprot_id:
        # Handle multiple uniprot ids
        models = []
        for uid in uniprot_id.split(','):
            m = open_multifile_alphafold_model(session, uid, directory, combine,
                                               residues_per_file, overlap)
        return models

    # Find the AlphaFold structure files for this UniProt identifier.
    from os import listdir
    all_filenames = listdir(directory)
    filenames = [filename for filename in all_filenames
                 if filename.startswith('AF-%s' % uniprot_id)
                    and filename.endswith('.pdb.gz')]
    nfiles = len(filenames)
    print ('AlphaFold %s is split into %d mmCIF files' % (uniprot_id, nfiles))
    # Cannot read compressed mmCIF directly
    # filename="AF-%s-F%%d-model_v1.cif.gz" % uniprot_id
    filename="AF-%s-F%%d-model_v1.pdb.gz" % uniprot_id

    # Find the next available model number
    model_id = max([[0] for m in session.models], default = 0) + 1

    # Open the overlapping component models.
    models = []
    fstep = (residues_per_file // overlap) - 1
    for i in range(1,nfiles+1,fstep):
        open_next_model(filename % i,
                        residues_per_file, overlap, align_span, models)

    # Add last model which may overlap by a different number of residues.
    if (nfiles-1) % fstep != 0:
        last_overlap = overlap + overlap*(fstep - ((nfiles-1) % fstep))
        open_next_model(filename % nfiles,
                        residues_per_file, last_overlap, align_span, models)

    # Combine the segment models into one
    model_ids="#" + ','.join(m.id_string for m in models)
    from chimerax.core.commands import run
    if combine:
        # Combine into one model
        copy = run(session, ('combine %s name %s modelId #%d close true'
                             % (model_ids, uniprot_id, model_id)))
        models = [copy]
        # TODO: Currently the combine command cannot preserve chain ids.
        # Group models under a parent model
        run(session, 'rename %s %s id #%d' % (model_ids, uniprot_id, model_id))

    # Adjust lighting and center view.
    run(session, 'light full')
    run(session, 'view')

    return models

def open_next_model(path, residues_per_file, overlap, align_span, models):
    from chimerax.core.commands import run
    model = run(session, 'open %s' % path)[0]
    id = model.id_string
    run(session, 'color bfactor #%s palette alphafold' % id)
    run(session, 'hide #%s cartoon ; show #%s atoms ; style #%s sphere' % (id,id,id))

    end_match="%d-%d" % (residues_per_file-5, residues_per_file-1)  # 1395-1399
    if models:
        last_model = models[-1]
        run(session, 'align #%s:%d-%d@CA to #%s:%s@CA'
            % (model.id_string, overlap-align_span+1, overlap,
               last_model.id_string, end_match))
        run(session, 'delete #%s:1-%d' % (model.id_string, overlap))


def shift_residue_numbers(structures):
    # First adjust residue numbers of each segment
    rnext = 1
    for i,m in enumerate(structures):
        rnums = m.residues.numbers
        rmax, rmin = rnums.max(), rnums.min()
        m.residues.numbers += rnext - rmin
        rnext += rmax-rmin+1

def register_command(session):
    from chimerax.core.commands import CmdDesc, register, StringArg, OpenFolderNameArg, BoolArg
    desc = CmdDesc(required=[('uniprot_id', StringArg)],
                   keyword=[('directory', OpenFolderNameArg),
                            ('combine', BoolArg)],
                   synopsis="Open multifile AlphaFold model")
    register('bigalpha', desc, open_multifile_alphafold_model, logger=session.logger)


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