Standard Bioinformatics Analysis of RNAseq data (DGE, Pathway Enrichment, Network analysis) – Freelance Job in Quantitative Analysis – Less than 30 hrs/week – Less than 1 month

We are looking for bioinformatics help to analyze specific data sets available from GEO / NCBI using standard bioinformatics analysis pipeline

We will provide the study, design and data

We will ask you to create a standard bioanalytical report that will include :
– Differential gene expression, clustering
– Pathway enrichment/analysis
– Gene classes (kinase, GPCR, receptors, etc.)
– Other standard geneset bioinformatics/visualizations
– Any other interesting observations
– Gene networks
– Upstream/Downstream regulators
– Directionality based on prior research
– Known clinical variants (gain / loss of function)
– Cell expression profiles (excreted, membrane, etc.)
– Druggability

The results of the analysis may be used in publications which you will be included in (if desired)

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