Illumina Expects European Union to Order Grail Remain a Separate Company

A sign on Illumina’s campus in San Diego. Reuters/Mike Blake

Illumina said Monday it expects the European Union to order that recently acquired Grail be held separately while the acquisition is investigated.

The San Diego-based genomics pioneer is likely to face other measures on top of the hold separate order, however, with the EU competition enforcer sending a warning to other companies.

Grail, which was spun out of Illumina in 2016, makes a non-invasive, early-detection test called Galleri to screen for many kinds of cancers using DNA sequencing.

Illumina says acquiring the company will allow the breakthrough test to get to consumers more quickly.

When the Grail takeover was finalized last month, Illumina said it would hold the company separate while waiting for a European Commission decision on the deal, defying EU merger rules against “gun-jumping.”

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