Aro Biotherapeutics hiring Investigator, Genetics & Bioinformatics in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

About Aro BioTx

Join the team at Aro Biotherapeutics creating breakthrough biotherapeutics based on Centyrin oligonucleotide conjugates. Centyrins are small protein domains based on the fibronectin domains of human Tenascin C that combine the affinity and specificity properties of antibodies with the stability and tissue penetration properties of small molecules. We have engineered Centyrins with an array of specificities for normal and immune cell receptors. By linking Centyrin domains together genetically, we have created multi-specific binders that retain a small footprint to enable excellent tissue penetration. Engineered for high stability, multi-specific Centyrins are readily expressed and purified from E. coli or mammalian cells.

We are developing a platform for delivery of an array of intracellularly active payloads with a focus on oligonucleotides. Our team has built a strong set of in vitro and in vivo data validating the utility of Centyrins for receptor specific uptake in a variety of cell types. Centyrin conjugate mediated delivery provides the foundation for access to a set of intracellular targets that have long been considered undruggable.

Aro is building a wholly owned portfolio of Centyrin oligonucleotide conjugates for genetic and autoimmune diseases and developing a partnered portfolio of Centyrin conjugates for payload delivery in a variety of disease areas. Led by an experienced and exceptional team, Aro is backed by an exceptional syndicate that supports our commitment to advancing drug candidates with the potential to improve patient’s lives and to building an ideal environment for scientific and leadership growth.

Position Description – Investigator, Genetics & Bioinformatics

Aro is building a growing research team to develop novel Centyrin-based therapeutics. In this role, you will become a foundational member of the team. The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of human genetics and how to access and analyze genetic and other large-scale datasets. The position will require experience sourcing and using bioinformatics tools (eg. PLINK, BEDtools, GATK, DESeq2, etc.) and Python/R. You will have the opportunity to contribute directly to the company’s target and drug discovery efforts.

Required Skills

  • Proficiency in either python or R, with some experience in both
  • Experience analyzing mammalian genomic data
  • Familiarity and experience selecting and using public datasets
  • Analysis of DNA or RNA-sequencing experiments
  • Experience with Linux/Unix

Preferred skills

  • Experience with workflow management systems (e.g. Snakemake)
  • Experience using version control tools to develop and maintain code
  • Experience calling variants from DNA and/or analyzing scRNA-seq data
  • Strong understanding of human genetics
  • Strong statistical background
  • Experience with relational database use, development, and maintenance
  • Experience developing UIs for data visualization in Shiny or Dash


  • Evaluate drug targets and disease areas through human genetics and bioinformatic analyses
  • Source and analyze public large-scale datasets that are relevant to target/drug discovery
  • Analyzes and integrates heterogeneous low throughput datasets with high throughput NGSdatasets such as RNA-seq, Whole Genome and Single cell datasets.
  • Critical review of scientific literature on genomics, transcriptomics and other -omics platforms
  • Interrogates public databases such as TCGA, CCLE, GTEx to infer data for biomarker discovery and patient stratification.
  • Facilitate the bioinformatics analyses required for target identification
  • Functions as a member of the core bioinformatics team, providing support for both R&D and translational biology projects
  • Function as a key member of an interdisciplinary target/drug discovery team
  • Regularly present work to internal project teams and Leadership


  • PhD in human genetics or bioinformatics, with 0-4 years of post-graduate research experience
  • Demonstrated skills in analyzing and interpreting genomic datasets
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral with an ability to organize and communicate complex data sets in a clear and concise manner
  • Experience authoring peer-reviewed scientific publications and presenting at scientific conferences
  • Although preferred, the role does not require relocation to Philadelphia

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