Co-op DNA Sequencing QC/QA – Addgene

Company Description

Addgene is a thriving nonprofit founded in 2004 that facilitates biomedical research and discovery. Our biorepository stores, archives, and distributes plasmids for scientists around the world. Addgene’s plasmid collection is used to advance research in a wide variety of disciplines, including cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative disorders, and can be used for a variety of functions such as genome engineering, gene or shRNA expression, optogenetics, viral gene delivery, in vivo development of transgenic animals, as well as applications in a wide range of cells and organisms.

In addition to sharing plasmids, Addgene also distributes ready-to-use viral vectors generated from plasmids within the repository, including AAV vectors predominantly used for neuroscience experiments and lentiviral vectors for CRISPR experiments.

Job Description

Addgene is looking to recruit a DNA Sequencing QC/QA Intern to join our Quality Control and Quality Assurance team. This is a great opportunity for an undergraduate or a graduate student to gain hands-on experience in a non-profit biotech setting! This internship will focus primarily on quality control, but there will be opportunities to learn about other careers at Addgene, including Outreach, Marketing, Science Communication, Technical Services, Software Coding, Project Management, Operations, and Research Bench Work. Learn more about Addgene at

Be a part of an exciting and innovative group of scientists.
Exposure to Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis
Learn about plasmid technologies


  • Assist with the analysis of next generation sequencing and sanger sequencing data of plasmids deposited to Addgene
  • Document and report results to Addgene scientists
  • Assist scientist team with different projects
  • Curate plasmid webpages based on sequencing results
  • Opportunity to assist with lab related processes for Quality Control Team, including:
    • Restriction digest and gel electrophoresis
    • DNA purification
    • Processing DNA for sanger and next generation sequencing
  • Opportunity to contribute to Addgene’s educational resources including Addgene’s blog and newsletters

Job Qualifications

  • Knowledgeable in plasmid design and molecular cloning techniques is preferred, as well as a basic understanding of plasmid features 
  • Experience in DNA sequence analysis or an interest in bioinformatics is a plus.
  • Maintain high quality documentation in accordance with SOPs
  • Familiarity with the online resources of NCBI and other scientific databases
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office programs, Google docs/spreadsheets, and able to learn and use DNA sequencing software
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

Job Location

The DNA Sequencing Quality Control Intern will be based at Addgene’s office at 490 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA. Currently, many of our Addgenies are working from home due to COVID-19, however we do have some Addgenies in the office if their job requires on-site work (ex. lab, research).  This position is currently planned to be on-site, but is dependent on MA guidelines and the continued safety of Addgenies that are required to be on-site.  As procedures are continually changing with COVID-19, the on-site/remote situation may change by the position’s start date.  We will keep candidates updated as things change.

Start Date
Spring 2022  (January-June Co-op cycle)

Compensation commensurate with experience.
Please send your cover letter and resume through the Addgene jobs link below. Only applications including both a cover letter and resume will be considered.


Addgene offers a comprehensive 100% company-paid benefit package that includes health, dental, life, short-term, and long-term disability insurance. We also offer employee paid benefits such as vision insurance and pet insurance. In addition, employees are encouraged to participate in an individual 403(b)(7)-retirement account. The cost of public transportation is fully paid by the company.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Addgene

Addgene is committed to creating and fostering a diverse, supportive, and inclusive working environment. All of our initiatives benefit from the diverse and open worldwide scientific community that we work with, and we believe that the best innovations and discoveries come from diverse teams. Addgene will continue to build these diverse teams, as well as continue to do the hard work of examining how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can be meaningfully woven into our work life, foremost and always to combat bias of all kinds. We are looking forward to continuing to get to know and celebrate a variety of perspectives and backgrounds as we grow our teams; and in doing so, we will bring more scientists together to share their resources in order to change the world.

Addgene is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, active military or veteran status, age, handicap, or any other characteristic protected by Federal, State or Local law.

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