Linux for Biologists e-book is free for one more week

News:Linux for Biologists e-book is free for one more week


Hi all, I wrote this book for students and researchers in biological sciences who are new to Linux. I believe some topics discussed might be useful for beginners in Bioinformatics as well.

Free download (on Leanpub, ends June 6)

Please feel free to share. Thanks!

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Outline of contents:

Getting started with Linux

  • What is Linux
  • Running a Linux virtual machine
  • The desktop
  • Available software
  • Files and directories

Getting software on Linux

  • The quick and easy method
  • Python packages
  • Perl modules
  • R packages
  • Conda packages
  • Debian Packages

Using the Linux command line

  • Shell and Terminal
  • Commands — an overview
  • Other useful commands
  • Editing text files using nano
  • Exercise — using the command-line
  • Notes

Getting started with Galaxy

  • Why use Galaxy?
  • Running Galaxy on your computer
  • Register a user account
  • Grant administrator privileges for user


  • Managing references using Zotero
  • Creating a notebook using Zim







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