Transcriptome assembly, annotation and submission to GenBank for unannotated organisms

Monday, October 4 at 3:00pm

to 4:00pm

Virtual Event

Transcriptome assembly and annotation is a complex process that requires the integration of multiple databases using several computational tools for best results. The advances in next-generation sequencing technologies and the decrease in the cost of sequencing a complete transcriptome are driving a new era in which annotation is increasingly important and is very productive, especially for the analysis of unannotated organisms. Transcriptome assembly requires uncontaminated and vector free RNA-Seq reads which, if included, could bias the assembly producing unreal transcripts. The annotation process is an important part in developing an understanding of the biological complexity of an organism. This step requires multiple Blast searches to identify cross-references with multiple databases like GO, Enzyme, Uniprot and NCBI Gene. In this seminar, Dr. Vera will describe a complete methodology and pipeline for the assembly, annotation and submission to GenBank of unannotated transcriptomes. Two examples will be presented for the organisms Opuntia streptacantha and Physalis peruviana.

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Co-sponsored with the Department of Biological Sciences

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