Don’t play “dodge the bullets” with Pedguin!

I can just about hear Rythian in my head shouting “stop running and just shoot him!”

I just watched that episode earlier, and that exchange sort of gets a bit painful.

Rythian: “Oh man, Ben tried to run away instead of shooting again.”

Ben: “I didn’t have a gun.”

Rythian: “When are you going to learn that running away never works?”

Ben: “I didn’t have a gun.

Rythian: “You should have just turned around and shot him, he had 4 HP.”


It’s like, yes, sure, Ben always uses the same excuse, but Rythian was kind of being full-on oblivious about it.

They always call Ben out for using that excuse, but they’re also the ones rezzing him in completely open areas with innocents like 5 feet away where he has zero time to even get his bearings (not to mention the one time where his HUD didn’t even have time to load because they killed him so fast), let alone find a gun and use it. There really isn’t much he can do in a lot of those cases.

And as Ben has also pointed out at least a couple times, in the rounds where they rez him and then either give him a gun or he has time to find one, he becomes a lot more effective (or at least as effective as his giant shark body/target allows him to be).

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