How is mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) typing used in forensic science? A. A suspect’s mtDNA sample is

Where in a data table should units of measurement be shown?
A. in a separate column after the column of data values
B. in parentheses, in the title of

the table
C. in the headings of columns that list the data values
D. in a note next to an asterisk, below the table

how does Mudworm reproduce asexually

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Based on Redi’s experiment shown in the image, how many jars of meat were used to test his hypothesis?

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How has sonography helped advance medical science?
by promoting healing of injured tissues
by viewing organs that could not be seen during surgery

detecting normal or abnormal conditions without surgery
by reducing the time it takes to become a doctor

Assume gadgets are sold in a competitive market, the equilibrium price is $6, and the equilibrium quantity
is 500 units.
(a) Using the numerical value

s above, draw a correctly labeled graph of the market for gadgets and show
each of the following.
(1) The equilibrium price
(ii) The equilibrium quantity
(b) At a price of $8 per unit,
will there be a surplus or a shortage in the market? Explain.
(C) Assume gadgets now become more popular. On your graph in part (a), show the effect of the increase in
gadgets’ popularity on the equilibrium price and quantity of gadgets.
(d) Assume instead there is an increase in the price of tin, a major input in producing gadgets. What will be
the effect of an increase in the price of tin on the market for gadgets?
(e) if both changes in part (c) and part (d) occurred simultaneously, will the
equilibrium quantity of gadgets
increase, decrease, remain unchanged, or be indeterminate? Explain.
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After World War II, people began living in suburban areas. How might the movement of people from cities to suburbs be related to the development of pe

sticides by chemists?
Pesticides were needed in urban areas for pests that moved into abandoned apartments, such as ants, bees, and other insects.
Pesticides were used to help convert farmland into lawns and to rid new homes and neighborhoods of insects.
Pesticides were needed to kill foreign species of insects that were carried into the country on the clothing and military equipment of troops returning from war.
Pesticides were developed in suburban factories, so the sale of pesticides was heavily promoted to bring more money to the factories.

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