Bioinformatician at CDC

**Title: Bioinformatics III
Company: Goldbelt, Incorporated
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Come join our team at CDC working to prevent and respond to healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance.


Maintain, de-bug, execute and improve bioinformatics tools and pipelines used in-house, including implementation of workflow manager programs (e.g., nextflow)
Build new bioinformatics tools and pipelines as appropriate, including creating containers for applications (e.g., docker, singularity)
Maintain updated git account documenting scripts and programs.
Analyze sequence data from scientific projects and programs of bacterial isolates using appropriate programs and bioinformatics tools and pipelines, including: Quality assessment of next generation sequence data; Analyses for identification and subtyping of healthcare-associated and emerging bacterial pathogens;
Identify, validate, and implement methods and procedures to analyze next generation sequencing data, including methods for characterization and phylogenetic analyses and adjustments in methods and procedures as appropriate.
Coordinate sequence data sharing with requestors and collaborating laboratories.
Manage incoming sequence data for processing, documentation, tracking, and inventory as needed.
Integrate laboratory (conventional and next generation), clin …

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