I matched with someone on GedMatch who hit on me | Somali Spot

Let’s say I didn’t ask and unwittingly fell in love with a 3rd or 4th cousin… I would cut it off as soon as I found out.

My 5th cousin made the mistake of not asking and had a child with her boyfriend (a distant relative) and they were ordered to break it off once it was found out.

My father’s clan has exceptionally beautiful women and this was a source of embarrassment for me on a number of occasions when I was younger; I’m virtually a carbon copy of my community oriented father (RIP) so people automatically know who I am at Sudanese gatherings, so when I approached beautiful women… I was occasionally met with ‘oh, hello, cousin.’..

..I would then say ‘hello’ back and Usain Bolt out of there.

Once I got out of sight, this would be me

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