Lab Officer job with EMBL

The Dorrity group at EMBL Heidelberg is seeking a highly motivated computational biologist to act as a Laboratory Officer, helping to set up a new lab that promotes a welcoming and positive atmosphere. Our group uses single-cell genomics as a whole-organism phenotyping tool in zebrafish to (1) understand how different cell types respond to environmental stress and (2) to build statistical models of developmental robustness. Ultimately, we aim to predict how a changing climate will influence animal development. If this goal aligns with your own, and you are eager to improve your skillset in a leading research environment, then we want to hear from you.


Your role

The position will entail analysis of single cell genomic data (scRNA-seq or scATAC-seq) in collaboration with experimental and computational biologists in the lab. The successful candidate will lead analyses of the molecular and cellular determinates of stress sensitivity, acceleration of developmental rate, and variable cell type compositions of individuals in populations of developing embryos. This will require interfacing with multi-modal single-cell genomics data that contain information on both gene expression and whole-animal cell type abundances. Deploying methods to integrate these data types with others will be necessary to successfully address the primary goals of the lab. You will also work closely with the lab head to build computational pipelines for analysis of new datasets that can be used by other lab members. As a lab officer, you will help onboard new lab members, coordinate lab jobs, and manage reagent and equipment orders.


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