The Characterization of Mitochondrial DNA of Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) -Journal of Ginseng Research


This study was focused on the characterization of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) for molecular 9enetical approach of energy Production related mechanism in Panax ginseng. The simple and efficient method of mtDNA isolation from ginseng has been developed by modification of recently advanced methods. This procedure can successfully apply to mtDNA isolation of several plants. mtDNA of etiolated shoot and one-year root were digested with restriction endonucleases, but that of 6-year root not. Any difference was not observed in the restriction endonuclease digestion patterns among the ginseng variants. Molecular size of ginseng mtDNA was estimated at least 159 kb by the restriction endonuclease fragment analysis. The 4.5 kb extra band at the lane of EcoRII treatment could be observed in restriction patterns digested with the methylation sensitive endonucleases, BstN I and EcoRII. For construction of mitochondrial genomic library of ginseng, mtDNA was partially digested with EcoRl, and packaged with EMBL4 phage vector. Genomic library was screened and purified for further research including restriction mapping of ginseng mtDNA, and cloning of the genes. The gene of ATP synthase A subunit was cloned from the purified EMBL4 library clone No. 16. Now, clone No. 16 is subcloned for structure gene sequence analysis.

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