H4 mtDNA Haplogroup

Can anyone tell me more about H4 haplotype, in relationship to Jewish

This is what Family tree DNA says about it: “H4 is an uncommon
branch and is found at low frequencies in both Europe and the Near
East. Further research will better resolve the distribution and
historical characteristics of this haplogroup.”

I understand that MT-DNA changes very slowly over time, and it would
not be possible to call any MT-DNA Jewish. But what I am wondering,
is if this type shows up in Jewish women any more often than any
other type? It would perhaps seem possible, with it showing up in
the Near East. My mother`s MTDNA is this type.

Thank you everyone who has written to me privately, I cannot answer
some of you, since my email is having problems with one of the email

Thanks for the help everyone!
Glenn Hill

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