Integrative analysis scRNAseq

Integrative analysis scRNAseq


Hi all,

I am a begginer,exploring scrnaseq analysis.

1) If I combine say hypothetically various studies on cortex to see the transcript abundance and relative expression of a gene,can this be done?

There would be much batch effect due to different libraries and location and year etc of processing.But downloading SRR files than reanalyzing each sample with cellranger,would it be possible.

2) Can I keep primary visual cortex as reference tissue and compare it to others(wrt particular type of neurons).Beacuse here diseased and healthy condition is not there.

gse … somatosensory cortex dropseq year 2015

gse….. primary visual cortex smartseq 2017

gse….. cortex whole 10x 2019

gse…. motor cortex 10x 2020

gse ….. white and gray matter in cortex smartseq2 2021



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