Genetics lab using genbank blast search – Freelance Job in Physical Sciences – $10 Fixed Price, posted September 25, 2021

What is GenBank?
​GenBank is an international database of DNA, RNA, and protein sequences.  Basically, whenever someone sequences a molecule, he or she deposits the sequence in GenBank.  GenBank is run by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).  NCBI is an organization that maintains several molecular databases (including GenBank) that are mostly focused on human disease.  In today’s lab we will be using the “nucleotide” portion of GenBank to search for specific DNA sequences.  According to GenBank’s web site, there are approximately 65,369,091,950 nucleotide bases in 61,132,599 sequence records in the nucleotide database (so that doesn’t even include the amino acids in the protein sequences).  GenBank has recently added an additional European database that has essentially doubled these numbers.  That’s a whole lotta sequence.  

For the lab, I’ll share a DNA Sequence and you will use BLAST search to look up the sequence and answer 3 question relating to the search!
*I will provide the guide to understand the website better!

Please send me message if you’re interested or if you have questions 🙂

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