Best Ways to Monetize Your Data Science Skills as a Data Scientist in 2021

by Disha Sinha

September 27, 2021

Data explosion in the current market scenario has created ample opportunities for an aspiring data scientist to monetize data science skills to earn extra profit out of it. There are multiple interesting ways to earn profit from data science because data science is a vast area for effective data management. Ample opportunities are there to monetize data science skills apart from the traditional 9-5 professional job in a reputed company. Yes, these ways will help to earn profit in a long term but it needs patience to be on the risk-taking journey in the career. At last, this can provide an aspiring data scientist to be a professional as well as enhance data science skills efficiently and effectively at the right place.


Best ways to monetize your data science skills as a data scientist in 2021

Blog publishing

Aspiring data scientists must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any technical domain from a reputed university. The curriculum is set for students to gain a clear and strong understanding of data science and its subsets. The bonus includes completing online certificate courses on data science from reputed professional websites such as Simplilearn, Udemy, Coursera, Linked In, and many more for gaining more data science skills. One of the top ways to monetize data science skills is to start publishing blogs and articles on top blogging sites on the internet. There are two paths to continue to utilize data science skills— creating your own blog and writing on different websites with good payment. It will take time to monetize the blogging site. But, after reaching a certain threshold, the data scientist can start earning profit for every blog.



A data scientist can start freelancing to monetize data science skills efficiently and effectively through the power of the internet. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has created an impact on mental health, especially on the professional career path. Freelancing is one of the top ways to monetize data science skills as a data scientist in 2021. There are multiple websites that provide sufficient and high-quality work for different professions with good payments, sometimes international payments. One has to seek a perfect client for effective data management for adding value to the CV for better purposes in the data-driven future.


Disclosing models with APIs

A data scientist can create a machine learning model for effective data management to help the target audience in this data-driven market. It is now easier to disclose a model with API platforms that provide a good and user-friendly marketplace while monetizing APIs. There are other options like disclosing models for collaborations with start-ups and developers in the market. This is one of the best ways to earn profit from data science in 2021.


Participations in Kaggle competitions

Active participation in Kaggle competitions, as well as global data science competitions, help data scientists to improve data science skills as well as earn good rewards. This will help to add some value to the CV of a data scientist to show communication skills, technical skills, as well as other data science skills. Recruiters consider an active Kaggle profile as an added advantage in the recruitment process for a professional data scientist. Thus, it is one of the top ways to earn profit from data science— monetary rewards as well as recognition. A data scientist can join different data science communities to receive constant notifications regarding multiple competitions within a year.


Creating a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the major platforms to monetize data science skills to earn profit from data science efficiently and effectively. A data scientist can create multiple interactive videos of the data science processes for effective data management, doubts, and other interesting and unique content regarding data science. Students who are highly interested in this field search for good quality educational videos for a better understanding. Thus, one can monetize data science skills through YouTube and create a brand and influencer network. One can link the YouTube videos with other social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter through social media marketing strategies.

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