mtDNA results

Hello DNA Digest subscribers,

I am a member who recently received her mtDNA results, in an effort to
help me with my mother’s mother’s genealogy.

I tested through Family Tree DNA and expected more than just being
told she came >from Haplogroup H. I knew that much. We know she came
with her parents over >from Bukovina, in the early second decade of
20th century.

Two people had high resolution matches with mine, and provided their
email addresses, so I contacted both of them a couple of weeks ago and
have heard >from neither.

It seems many Jewish people come >from Haplogroup K. I would think
many Jews are also in Haplogroup H, since it originates in Europe.

My grandfather was a Bodnar >from Sukhostav (now Ukraine). His wife
was Dominica Cucheran/Kucheran/etc. and came >from Bukovina.

Apparently the fact that she was Romanian didn’t go over very well
with his parents (Iwan Bodnar and Melenia Yacyshyn). My mom knows
little about her mother because her mother died at age 36, when my mom
was 3 years old. She left 5 children and my grandfather never married
again and finished raising them (in Glendon, Alberta).

Here is my mtDNA test result:

HVR1 Haplogroup

HVR1 differences

from CRS



HVR2 differences

from CRS



Thank you for your time, and any responses.

Aimee (Bilyeu) Natal in Connecticut
whose grandmother was a Cucheran then Bodnar when married

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