So I found out about GEDmatch, and I don’t understand. : 23andme

My father is from Iraq, and has said that of what he knows his family comes from Baghdad and has been living there for many generations. However he has mentioned sometime in the past “something Yemen”, I don’t recall exactly what it was. My mother is from Morocco and is a full bloded Moroccan as far as she knows.

So I uploaded my results to GEDmatch, and it was totally off as far as my knowledge of my family history goes. I used the Dodecad calculators and it showed a bunch of random stuff like majority South West Asian.

I then tested the European ones who were completely off as well, except for the Jtest which showed that from a Mixed Mode population sharing the closest distance was about 50% IQ and 50% Mozabite Berber, which is pretty much Moroccan.

So my question is really, why didn’t the ones who were supposed to give me the most accurate result produce “correct” estimates and why did a European one show the “right” estimates?

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