Louise – PhD student in Bioinformatics – Ghent University


I am a Bioscience engineer doing a PhD in Bioinformatics (crosslink between computer science and biology). I like to work in a setting where advances in computer techniques are used to boost scientific development in health care (e.g. deep learning models to improve precision oncology). I am also following a Master in Quantitative Management in Health Analytics at Duke university to complement my vision on the healthcare sector and connect me with the reality/unmet needs of the field.

My main duties are:

– solving biological questions of physicians about cancer

– developing pipelines to optimize data pre-processing of DNA sequence (e.g. variant calling)

– developing methods to improve patient stratification and to identify new drug targets

– supervising master thesis student.

After my bachelor in Bioscience Engineering at ULB, I decided to do my master in Bioscience Engineering main track: Bioinformatics in UGent, This allowed me to develop a critical mindset, which I deem crucial for a scientist, but also an interest in innovation. My specialization in Bioinformatics was an exciting experience and has tremendously enriched my academic background both from a scientific and analytical perspective. My master thesis, which focused on the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques in the domain of cancer genomics has been a catalyst for my decision to start a PhD.

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