looking for ressources, studies with available data

Naïve question about LC-MS/MS proteomic datasets : looking for ressources, studies with available data


I’m looking for proteomic datasets ( LC-MS/MS ) in oncology as a simple matrix of patients/cell lines/ normal vs tumors with spectral counts (any quantified value for protein expression) for each gene.
Not from this field. I’ve been throught pdc.cancer.gov/pdc/ the whole day.

I found it’s really hard to find and understand the different formats given. A lot of preprocess is necessary from the raw data so I’d like to start for processed spectral counts. ( similar to what we can find with rna-seq)

So any advices from people from this field would be great. Any recent publications with availaible data would be great. For example I took a look to this one Proteogenomic characterization of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma but without sucess.

Even the txt files retrieved from deepmap for Quantitative Proteomics of the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia are a bit hard to understand.

Will keep diving into it but i’m open to comments.




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