Suggestions for bioinformatics project that can be done somewhat quickly (genomics) : bioinformatics

Hi all,

I got myself into a dicey situation when I exaggerated my bioinformatics skills for a job application.

First off, I do know some bioinformatics tools, and I kind of know how to program in R and use Bioconductor, although I generally use Python for non-bio projects. I’ve taken several courses specifically in bioinformatics a while ago. However, so far I have only used it for small tasks (compare specific gene sequences, for example), but for this job they specifically ask me to show some work with bigger (-omics) datasets. I honestly don’t know where to start or even which questions to address.

I’m not trying to be shady. I really want to do more bioinformatics work, but I never had the chance to work on it on the scale expected of me now. This is the closest I ever got to a job in bioinformatics.

Any pointers are welcome.

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