Adam Jeffries will Onboard Next Million Creators and Brands on to Metaplex

Metaplex keeps the average cost of minting at less than $1. And with no platform fees, Metaplex is shifting the balance of power back to artists and creators. They are thrilled to have visionaries like @RAC, @streetdreamsnyc, and @cryptokickers with them as their partners.

Metaplex is the Solana-powered on-chain protocol for minting and auctioning NFTs.  Jeffries will lead the charge for advancing the functionality of tools which will make it easy for creators to easily manage their NFT businesses.

Metaplex expressed:  Hello, Metaverse! We’re thrilled to announce our inaugural CEO, Adam Jeffries—he’s ready to help onboard the next million creators and brands into the Metaplex ecosystem.

Adam Jeffries brings more than a decade of experience in software engineering at Google, Amazon, Citadel, Kaggle, and more. He’ll lead the charge in advancing the functionality and accessibility of tools that enable creators to easily launch NFT storefronts of their own.

Metaplex Studios and our ecosystem would not be what it is without all of your continuous and unwavering support. Thank you for believing in our vision, and supporting our mission for a positive, inclusive community that’s looking to do the right thing for all in the NFT world.

Jeffries expressed:  “From my experience and also from watching the last decade of tech innovation, I know firsthand that in order for new technology to gain mass adoption, it needs to be simple and easy to use by everyone. So, building the right tools for people to interface with new technologies is incredibly important.”

Ever since its launch in June, Metaplex has been having an impressive growth, powered by $385 million worth in transactions from NFT sales.

Competition is brewing in the NFT space between Metaplex, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks, SuperRare NBA Top Shot and several other NFT marketplaces.


NFT media of any size is stored permanently on ArWeave Team.  Metaplex-minted NFTs are created forever and immutable, made possible by Arweave’s perpetual storage. This solves a major issue facing the long-term viability of NFTs.


Artists, creators, brands, or agencies will be ready to launch their own NFT storefront.  Developers who are ready to get building NFTs will find Metaplex worth their claims.


RAC is a grammy award winning recording artist. The NFT page allows to buy and bid.

Cryptokicker is the Footwear for the New World. Sol Selector on Solana and verified on OpenSea.  Create, customize, and mint your own NFT sneakers directly on the Solana blockchain.


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