Clevergene acquires NovaSeq 6000 DNA Next Gen Sequencer

The acquisition will lead to widening the discovery genomics and genetic diagnostics offerings

Bengaluru-based Clevergene has scaled up its sequencing capacity with the Illumina Novaseq 6000. The advanced platform from the global genomics leader, Illumina, is an innovation-driven performer and can sequence 50-60 human genomes in <2 days. The sturdy platform ensures no compromise in the data quality, cherry on top is the per GB sequencing and reagent chemistry cost drastically falling.


Tony Jose, CEO, Clevergene stated, “Genomics is taking the central stage in life sciences research and there is no better time than now to invest in the NovaSeq 6000 platform which is coveted as the world’s most advanced DNA sequencer. The NovaSeq will significantly bolster Clevergene’s position in Discovery genomics and genetic diagnostics markets. We aim to undertake large global genomics projects involving hundreds of samples and specialised applications such as single-cell gene expression that require a significantly high amount of sequence data. We are also expanding our footprint in paediatric genetic disease diagnostics, non-invasive prenatal testing and carrier screening with the scaled-up sequencing capacity.”



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