Genomics England Bioinformatics Community Manager

Our Bioinformatics Community Manager will lead the planning and implementation of strategies for the development of our community of Scientists and Engineers in Bioinformatics. 

This role will support our teams build on their professional strengths in the widest sense, while offering them opportunities to stay at the cutting edge of Science and Technology. This will be achieved by initiating and maintaining productive collaborations at Genomics England, as well as with external research and innovation communities.  

  • You will work closely with the People Team to design and implement programmes to support strong talent pipeline in Bioinformatics.
  • Collaborate with Talent Acquisition and Communications to explore ways to promote GEL as an employer of choice
  • Partner with L&D to manage and proactively update the skills matrix/career framework for bioinformatics

The success of the Bioinformatics Community Manager will result in significant improvements of our staff recruitment, scientific and technical training plus outreach activities.

This will be done with a focus on our teams working in Bioinformatics, Research, Engineering, Cancer, Rare Diseases and Applied Machine Learning related fields


Skills & Experience for Success


  • Strong scientific communication skills, as demonstrated by significant public  speaking and written communications for wider audiences.
  • Experience of collaborations across organisations in academia, government and private sector
  • Creating/building recruitment pipelines using innovative ideas within Bioinformatic communities 
  • Experience and passion for teaching and helping people  
  • Capacity to organise and deliver exciting scientific outreach and communication activities. 


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