Post-doctoral Position at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School

A joint bioinformatics post-doctoral position is available in the Neurobiology of Fear Laboratory,
directed by Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD and the Translational Molecular Genomics Laboratory
directed by Torsten Klengel MD, PhD.

The laboratory’s mission is to identify and understand molecular mechanisms of neuropsychiatric
diseases and develop novel preventive and therapeutic approaches. The lab focuses on stressrelated
disorders and collaborates with other groups on the broad spectrum of neuropsychiatric
disorders. We employ dry and wet lab genetic, epigenetic, transcriptomic and proteomic approaches
together with sophisticated animal models for psychiatric disorders, postmortem brain, and clinical
studies ( and

Current studies in the laboratory focus on intergenerational and early-life/adult effects of stress and
trauma in non-human primates and human clinical studies. In addition, we study effects of
environmental and genetic factors on coding and non-coding RNAs in rodent, non-human primate and
human postmortem brain tissue, as well as in peripheral samples of large clinical cohorts. These
studies employ a variety of approaches, including DNA methylation profiling (arrays, sequencing),
spatial transcriptomics, RNAseq/snRNAseq, genotyping, cell culture, and protein-focused approaches
in combination with behavioral and clinical assessments.

Opportunities will be available to pursue independent research and interdisciplinary collaborations
across McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Depending on research focus, candidates will have
access to the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center (,
T. Klengel, Associate Scientific Director). This position is funded by a large collaborative
research grant (1R01HD102974-01) on biological mechanisms underlying effects of maternal stress
on infant development. Longitudinal RNAseq analyses in >1600 mother-infant samples are central to
this project

Qualifications: A strong background in bioinformatic data analysis is required. Modeling expertise
(e.g., machine learning), experience with advanced transcriptomics, epigenomics, and genetics is
desirable. Expertise from physics, mathematics, psychology or clinical care is a plus.

To apply, send a CV, a cover letter, as well as names and email addresses of three references to
Torsten Klengel ( and Kerry Ressler (
In the cover letter, please include brief descriptions of your research experience, the types of research
questions that excite you the most, any funding/fellowship opportunities you currently have or are
interested in applying for, your general goals during your stay in the lab and your career goals
thereafter. Review of applications will begin immediately (expected start date: Fall 2021, although an
earlier start will be possible).

McLean Hospital, which is an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
As an equal opportunity employer, McLean seeks qualified candidates for all posted employment
opportunities without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, national origin, disability or veteran
status. McLean particularly welcomes applications from minorities, women, and persons with

Since 1811, McLean Hospital has been a world leader in scientific investigations and treatments of
mental illnesses as well as in training generations of scientists and clinicians.
McLean Hospital maintains the largest program of research in neuroscience and psychiatry of any
private psychiatric hospital in the United States. McLean Hospital has been ranked as America’s best
freestanding psychiatric hospital for 17th consecutive years by U.S. News and World Report.

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