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Name: Beepis

Rank: CPT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:93540482

Good day everyone, It saddens me to write this, but real life has been kicking my ass and its showing no sign of stopping. I have very little free time and I am at the moment attracted to games other than Gmod. I don’t want to be a burden and take up a CMD slot that should go to someone who is more deserving. I am not leaving the community but I must step away from E-11 for now. I now have a few names that I want to mention and give thanks to.


Nenea- Never heard your voice, nobody has but you are doing great at running E-11 compared to what it was before you and Saints time. KEEP IT UP, also you live in a landlocked country


Frog- The amphibian, you were always quite funny and fun to be around and you are a decent role model for E-11, keep it up.


Django- Never really got to know you all that well but I know that you will be a great VCMDR for the future of E-11


Saint- Heh, never really got to play with you but you seemed like a pretty chill dude


Panda- You have come a long way since I first met you way back in gensec. I remember sticking up for you when you first tried joining wardens. Now you are a CPT and leading RCU. I gotta say that im proud of you, you minge.


Kiwi- Bri’ish man, You were a super funny dude to hang out with and whatnot but keep it up with everyone else.


Kieran- Another bri’ish man, I remember when you murdered me on Rust you minge but it was fun to hang with ya.


Pottato- You were a good leader and even though you were a lower rank I looked up to you to an extent. Keep it up.


Guinea- Thanks for being there for me when I first joined E-11 during my worst of times. You were a good leader and I respect that.


Now with that out of the way I will be signing off for the final time. If you want to friend me on steam and play other games, feel free. It was real fun to be part of E-11 in the few months that I was here.

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