Biovegen will concentrate on fruit and vegetable R&D offer in the Biotech Attraction space

Biovegen, the biotechnological platform dedicated to connecting the advances of agricultural research centers with the needs of companies, will take a further leap in its involvement with Fruit Attraction – where it has always participated – and, in this edition, it will act as a catalyst for the fruit and vegetable R&D offer. For the first time in the history of this event, there will be a space entirely dedicated to agro biotechnological solutions.

Biovegen will manage Biotech Attraction, an area in Pavilion 5 where 14 companies from this sector will exhibit up to 20 avant-garde business projects in this field. 107 representatives from 32 agricultural R&D centers, 67 innovative companies, and the heads of 7 administrations and 4 other entities or foundations also linked in the technology transfer process have already confirmed their attendance to Biotech Attraction.

Biotech Attraction will coexist during the event with the complementary offer of Smart Agro and Smart Water & Energy. In addition, some other major research centers, with specific budgets to participate in this type of event – all of which are Biovegen partners – will also participate in the event individually, with their own stand. Biotech Attraction seeks to facilitate the presence of R&D-intensive companies that want to publicize their portfolio and offer their solutions to potential customers in the producer sector. Biotech also offers companies interested in participating in the event modular functional and economic stands of 6, 12, and 24 m² equipped with all the material they need to maintain such relationships and that only require exhibitors to add their corporate image to the stands. This has allowed Biotech to attract 14 SMEs or spin-offs, such as Fertix (agronutrients), Trichodex (biotechnological solutions for climate change), and Secugen (DNA sequencing and analysis), among others, to the event.

In addition, Biotech Attraction has set up a specific meeting room (for exhibitors and professional visitors) and another room where emerging companies, such as Biorizon (microalgae), Tricopharming (biofactory plants), or Abiopep (biotechnology for plant health in horticulture), will present their novelties.

The Innovation Hub Awards launched in the 2020 virtual contest will be maintained this year in order to recognize the most innovative products or services in its two categories Fresh Produce and F&V Industry. Gonzaga Ruiz de Gauna, the director of Biovegen, will be one of the members of the jury and, as a novelty, the awards will incorporate the Sustainability and Commitment category this year.

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