GEDmatch results : 23andme

Based on my very basic interpretation of my 23andme results and GEDmatch results, my Hui Chinese ancestors were mostly genetically Han Chinese – I might have had a couple of great grandparents that had a big chunk of Mongolian/North Asian DNA, likely from my maternal side because my maternal haplo is C4a. And I might have had a 3rd great grandparent that was Baloch/Nepalese (that’s how I’m interpreting the Iranian/South and Central Asian/Mediterranean DNA) – my guess is that this is from my paternal side because they look a bit more Central Asian than my mum’s side.

At first I was surprised by the amount of Mongolian I got, but it’s making more sense now. I’ve had several meditations/journeys where I saw some of my ancestors and they were some type of Asian nomadic people.

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