Singularity container for deepTools?

Singularity container for deepTools?



I’m looking for a Singularity (first choice) or Docker (second choice) container with deepTools installed.

Does anybody know of a repository that contains this?

(I’m running it in a cluster environment with Singularity but not Docker daemon installed, but in theory I can run a Docker container under Singularity, so either would be fine, I guess!)





I see three options:

1) Obtain a Singularity container directly via Galaxy:

wget --no-check-certificate

2) Convert a Docker container from Quay to create a Singularity image:

singularity pull docker://

From what I know, if a software exists at conda then it also exists as container at Galaxy and Quay (I think, someone may confirm).

3) In case none of that is an option (e.g. you do not find suitable container from above sources) then create your own Docker container, install whatever you need via conda into it, and then convert to Singularity, as described Building Docker images

before adding your answer.

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