What’s new with DNA and RNA?

Eukaryotic gene expression is regulated at multiple layers. This session will cover emerging new mechanisms of gene expression regulation, centered around DNA and RNA. We will hear updates on regulation at the nucleosome structure and chromatin conformation level, how noncoding RNAs could impact transcription, and RNA modifications in post-transcriptional gene expression regulation. This session also will introduce diverse modern imaging technologies to visualize transcription activity and spatial transcriptome.

Keywords: chromatin structure, noncoding RNA, RNA modifications, super-resolution imaging, spatial transcriptome

Who should attend: students, postdocs and anyone interested in gene expression regulation, nucleosome structure and chromatin conformation, noncoding RNA and RNA modifications, super-resolution imaging and spatial transcriptome

Theme song: “The DNA Song” by Jam Campus (parody of “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap)

This session is powered by nucleic acids.


  • Cracking the nucleus: Finding order in chaos — Clodagh O’Shea, Salk Institute
  • EM structures of nucleosomes with chaperones — Karolin Luger, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Structural mechanism of human telomerase holoenzyme — Kelly Nguyen, Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Studying DNA-related processes on DNA curtains — Ilya Finkelstein, University of Texas at Austin
  •  m6A in the action of regulating the regulators — Kathy (Fange) Liu, University of Pennsylvania
  • Regulation of noncoding RNA in space and time — John Rinn, University of Colorado Boulder
  • RNA methylation multitasking on chromatin — Blerta Xhemalce, University of Texas at Austin
  • RNA methylation in gene expression regulation — Chuan He, University of Pennsylvania
  • Visualizing RNA in life cells — Timothy Stasevich, Colorado State University
  • Visualizing the dynamic genome during development, Allistair Bottiger, Stanford University
  • 3D in situ RNA sequencing — Xiao Wang, Broad Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Engineering the repetitive 3D genome in human disease— Jennifer Phillis–Cremins, University of Pennsylvania

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