Bionexus: Gene Synthesis Services


Gene Synthesis
Bionexus will construct any gene the way you want it, from a few hundred base pairs to thousands of base pairs. The experts at Bionexus (over 9 years experience), will construct your gene and sequence both strands to ensure that you get no mutants. 

Gene Synthesis Services from Bionexus, Inc. offers you the followings:

  • Optimize Codon Usage : Using the host’s preferred codons for amino acids has been shown to dramatically improve gene expression.
  • Direct your protein to the desired location. Add or subtract organelle trafficking signals to direct the protein to the desired location.
  • Design and synthesize all primers.
  • Use proprietary protocols to synthetically construct the entire gene
  • Modify transcription promoters or translation factor sites.
  • Clone the gene into the known vector.
  • Verify the sequence of this gene by sequencing both strands
  • Increase mRNA stability by eliminating degradation signal sequences
  • Add or remove protein functional domains.
  • Send the hard copies of sequencing data including the chromatograms.
  • Synthetic gene sequence guaranteed to be the same sequence as submitted by research group.
  • Complete confidentiality.

Bionexus Gene Synthesis Advantages:

  • Add and/or remove restriction sites
  • Design and synthesize all primers
  • Minimize RNA secondary structures
  • Guarantee full sequence verification of both strands

The experienced staff at Bionexus’s Gene Sysnthesis Services department will construct your gene in 2 weeks (1kb) and provide you with the sequencing documentation and the lyophilized gene in a standard vector.

Bionexus Custom Gene Synthesis Specifications:

Minimum Sequence Length

100 base pairs

Maximum Sequence Length

15,000 base pairs

Gene Optimization Options

Codon preference for host organism, secondary structure removal, GC content adjustment, addition or removal of restrictions sites

Starting Material

A sequence of interest gene email it to us.

Gene Construction

  • Using proprietary gene synthesis software to design and construct the entire gene.
  • Clone the synthetic gene in the standard plasmid.

DNA Sequencing

Sequence both strands to verify the integrity of the synthetic gene sequence.

Final Form of Construct

20 ug of lyophilized plasmid DNA containing the synthetic gene.


  • A complete report of gene construction (weekly status report)
  • A plasmid map and printout of assembly report and chromatograms from automated sequencers

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