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Fleet Admiral Whitelists Suggestion

What do you want to see?: Currently the Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax Job is not able to whitelist for any battalion besides Naval. Personally, along with the approval of NHC, it seems appropriate and would be a quality of life improvement for the job to be able to whitelist all jobs of Navy battalions (Except Commander) considering that is the promotion limit.

Why should we add it?: Adding the ability to whitelist players is crucial when doing promotions and makes training players easier. This would have no effect on server performance and there shouldn’t be an issue regarding trust/abusing any jobs as High Command are already trusted members and should not be having those issues. 

What are the advantages of having this?: Besides convenience and simplicity of promoting and training players there are no other advantages. However on the same note there are no notable disadvantages. 

Who is it mainly for?: For who ever uses the Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax job and isn’t able to provide the required whitelists as they are not a part of the staff team or a high enough staff rank. 

Links to any content: N/A
Naval Jobs whitelisting ability – None needed
DT Jobs whitelisting ability – ALL jobs EXCEPT DT Commander, DT Unit TI-23 [T2]
SF Jobs whitelisting ability – ALL jobs EXCEPT SF Marshall
IF Jobs whitelisting ability – ALL jobs EXCEPT Iden Versio, Close Quarters Combat Specialist [T3]

~Thank you for taking the time to look at this suggestion, please share a comment/opinion below!

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