GFL – Abbott and Costello Discord Vanillathon – Community Calendar

Hello all you wonderful patrons of the GFL GMod Community, it is I, GFL‘s own Golden Boi, PladDaddy here with an event for all y’all to enjoy!


On October 9th starting at 9:30PM (EST, compare to your time zone if this doesn’t apply to you) there’ll be an event hosted in the TTT Vanilla Discord VC, we’ll be streaming around 2 hours of “Abbott and Costello” episodes.


If you’re unfamiliar with this legendary comedy duo, they are two comedians from back in the 1930’s-50’s, here’s a link to them doing one of their most popular jokes: 


Now if you find that entertaining, then you’re in luck, we’ll be showing at least four episode’s of their act’s on discord on Oct 9th, so if you love classic comedy, or want a taste of it yourself, why not come join us? (Make sure to get a bag of instant pop corn or pop your own, a small box of candy and a soda of your choosing, this step is optional but makes it authentic.)


Click here to join our GMod Discord:
Once you’re in, head over to #roles-menu to grab the TTT Vanilla role to be able to join the channel!

Hope we’ll see ya then!

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