[lammps-users] Pre-built Ubuntu Linux executables – #2 by akohlmey – LAMMPS Mailing List Mirror

Dear all

I want to install Pre-built Ubuntu Linux executables in my system. My Ubuntu version is 20.04.3. But unfortunately, I can’t install the last version of the stable or daily version in the system (e.g., 29 Sep 2021).

I installed Pre-built Ubuntu Linux executables similar to the instructions provided on the LAMMPS site. I also used sudo apt-get update command in the terminal for the update. But the 3 Mar 2020 version of the LAMMPS was installed. At the same time, two other Stable versions (29 Oct 2020 and 29 Sep 2021) have been released since then.

I would be happy if anyone could guide me. How can I install the latest version of LAMMPS with this method? Has this method been supported in order to install a new version of LAMMPS? I mean, is this method the correct one to install a new version?

Best regards


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