sc-RNA matrix appears to be empty

I’m trying to load the gene count sparse matrix from this source in R:

However the matrix’s contents appear to be empty. To download I used wget on the command line:

wget -O –
| head > data.txt

And then load matrix like so:

matrix <-

To ensure these two steps are successful I attempted to graph the counts per cell:

counts_per_cell <- Matrix::colSums(matrix)

plot <- ggplot() + aes(counts_per_cell)+ geom_histogram(binwidth=0.5,
colour=”black”, fill=”white”) ggsave(plot,file=”counts_per_cell.png”)

Which returns this plot.enter image description here

My interpretation is that there are zero counts for all 2 millions of the cells. Am I performing any of these steps incorrectly or is the matrix really completely empty?

Read more here: Source link