Basic help with RNA seq

Basic help with RNA seq


Dear all,
I am trying to decide if I should use RNA seq to answer my research question or not and am struggling to find a basic text which helps me to understand the function of it and its applicability. I have already searched for such a text but I just want to know if there is any point in me using rna seq (single cell) to determine the amount of a particular gene in my sample – we already know there is only a small population of these cells ie Th22 cells are a small subset of Th cells.
I am trying to determine if the amount of these cells is greater in one type of patient with skin disease compared with another patient with a slightly different subtype of the disease.
Please could someone kindly recommend a text to help me to understand the basics of rna seq NOT the technical side of things but the basics of how it can be used in different scenarios.
thanks very much for any help,








If you’re interested in cell type proportions, you’re generally much better off with a flow-based approach. Or even IHC, depending on cell of interest sparsity. This is often challenging to address in single cell unless you’re doing whole tissue, which has its own set of issues since cell isolation/dissociation methods can bias for certain populations over others. Skin in particular is challenging to get T cells out of (from personal experience) for single cell.

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