How to merge HMM files for HMMSearch?

I’m trying to add several mult-HMM files together but I haven’t had much luck. First I tried to just cat them, then I realized that it won’t work if there is an overlap of HMMs within the files. I then made a script that only concatenates unique ones but once I tried to use it, I get this Error: bad file format in HMM file.

I suspect it’s because there are different fields for different files. For example, the first HMM in the first file has these fields:

HMMER3/f [3.1b2 | February 2015]
NAME  Adenylsucc_synt
ACC   PF00709.21
DESC  Adenylosuccinate synthetase
LENG  419
ALPH  amino
RF    no
MM    no
CONS  yes
CS    yes
MAP   yes
DATE  Sat Aug  4 15:42:20 2018
NSEQ  755
EFFN  2.301197
CKSUM 4189663105
GA    20.40 20.40
TC    20.40 20.40
NC    20.20 20.30
STATS LOCAL MSV      -11.3493  0.69897
STATS LOCAL VITERBI  -12.6105  0.69897
STATS LOCAL FORWARD   -5.7752  0.69897

The first HMM of the second file has this:

# Freely distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).
HMMER3/f [3.1b1 | May 2013]
NAME  EPrGT00050000000570
LENG  553
ALPH  amino
RF    no
MM    no
CONS  yes
CS    no
MAP   yes
DATE  Thu Oct 13 16:48:58 2016
NSEQ  33
EFFN  1.816772
CKSUM 2711521311
STATS LOCAL MSV      -11.9038  0.69756
STATS LOCAL VITERBI  -12.5276  0.69756
STATS LOCAL FORWARD   -6.3393  0.69756

I’m thinking that I can just propogate the NAME field for the ACC and DESC fields if they don’t exist. However, I don’t know what to do with the cutoffs (i.e. GA, TC, NC).

Does anyone know how I can merge these HMM files together?

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