Janitor Bills Ban – Ban Appeals – Gaminglight Forums

1. Steam Name: Chaos Insargency

2. Ingame Name: Janitor Bill/MC PVT Insargency 6346/Purge PVT Chaos SW05

3. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:236455376

4. Ban Length: 2 Days

5. Admin that Banned you: Pheonix

6. Reason for Ban: “LTAP”

7. Dispute: So I don’t know why I’m banned for LTAP I may have done funny stuff but literally no one made a staff sit about me or at least until I hopped off. I don’t even know what I was even being banned for other than LTAP. So uh can you hit me up on discord explaining the other reason I was banned for LTAP. Chaos Insargency#3857

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