White House ‘Bill of Rights’ to Protect Citizens Against AI Technology | Public Comments from AI Developers, Experts, and Affected Needed

White House 'Bill of Rights' to Protect Citizens Against AI Technology | Public Comments from AI Developers, Experts, and Affected Needed
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) White House ‘Bill of Rights’ to Protect Citizens Against AI Technology | Public Comments from AI Developers, Experts, and Affected Needed

The White House’s new “bill of rights” aims to protect citizens against the danger of artificial intelligence or AI technology. The filing now seeks public comments from AI developers, experts, and those that are affected by AI.

White House New ‘Bill of Rights’

According to the story by PBS, the top science advisers to the current President are now calling for a new “bill of rights.” The said new bill of rights is said to guard against the powerful new artificial intelligence technology.

The White House’s very own Office of Science and Technology Policy launched a brand new fact-finding mission in order to look at facial recognition. Aside from facial recognition, it is also looking towards some other biometric tools that are used to identify people or even assess their own emotional or mental states as well as character.

Chief Science Adviser Statement

Eric Lander, the chief science adviser, as well as the deputy director for science as well as society, Alondra Nelson, had just published an original piece in Wired magazine. This details the need to develop brand new safeguards regarding the faulty as well as harmful uses of AI that can actually unfairly discriminate against people or even violate their privacy.

They reportedly noted that “enumerating the rights is just a first step”, following it with the possibilities including the authorities refusing to buy software or other technology products that would fail to respect the noted rights. It was also noted that this would require federal contractors to use technologies that would only adhere to the new bill of rights or maybe adopt new laws and regulations in order to fill the missing gaps.

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Biometric Data Collection

This is not the very first time that the government has voiced its concerns regarding the harmful uses of AI. This is, however, one of its clearest steps towards doing something about the matter. There are, however, positive uses for AI like DeepMind AI “AlphaFold” getting closer towards a perfect prediction of protein folding achieving groundbreaking accuracy.

European regulators, as of the moment, have already taken certain measures to rein in what are the riskiest AI applications. Proposed regulations that are outlined by European Union officials this 2021 would ban certain uses of AI technology, including real-time scanning of facial features in public spaces. This includes tightly controlling others that could then threaten people’s own safety or rights.

A new federal document that was just filed now seeks public comments from aI developers, experts, or basically anyone who has reportedly been affected by the biometric data collection use of artificial intelligence technology. As to what the upcoming “bill of rights” could include, there is still a lot of room for new decisions to be made before they become officially passed. AI is also groomed to be able to identify the climate “tipping points” to more accurately find potential climate crises.

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