Creative Biogene Offers One-Stop Customized CRISPR Based

Creative Biogene Offers One-Stop Customized CRISPR Based Microbe Genome Editing Service for global clients.

New York, United States – August 18, 2021—Creative Biogene has been dedicated itself to undertaking the cause of bioscience for decades and enjoys rich experiences and expertise in CRISPR gene-editing areas. Through years of efforts and competitive advantages, its CRISPR-based microbe genome editing service is rather renowned at home and abroad.

CRISPR/Cas9 platform, which is a mature and excellent platform for editing microorganisms’ genomes, is newly built by Creative Biogene’s talented experts. Depending upon the CRISPR platform, the company can provide precise microbe gene editing results and satisfactory services for worldwide clients.

At present, microorganisms are widely used in wine, beer, vinegar, and other productions of fermented food products. And nowadays, a large number of innovative biotechnologies, especially CRISPR-based microbe genome editing, have been widely employed in pharmaceutical, environmental, industrial, and other areas to create more benefits for human beings.

For a broad range of microspecies such as bacteria and archaebacteria, the invasion and insertion of phage, and different kinds of gene elements can be efficiently resisted through the regular cluster-interval short palindromic repeat (CRISPR) at the gene level. Various microorganisms’ genes, involving E. coli, S. cerevisiae, and others, can be modified accurately on the CRISPR platform. Furthermore, the gene-editing service provided by Creative Biogene includes but not limits to site-directed mutation, gene knock-in, gene knockout, etc. Relying on its comprehensive genome engineering services mechanisms, Creative Biogene is capable of maintaining previous clients and attracting new ones at the same time.

There are some benefits to use CRISPR-based microbe genome editing services in projects related to this field. To start with, the turnaround time is fast since all the projects are conducted by skillful staff under the guidance of experienced experts. Besides, with the cutting-edge equipment and technology, Creative Biogene promises that no scar would be left on clients’ samples or specimens during the process of gene editing. In addition, after microbe gene-editing in Creative Biogene, it’s quite convenient for scientists to carry on the following researches.

What’s more, Creative Biogene’s scientists have a powerful background in developing the CRISPR method for new microorganisms if the project involves new microbe species. Clients are always welcome to customize the service to the project need from Creative Biogene. For more information, please visit the official website at

About CRISPR Platform
CRISPR Platform is a mature system developed by Creative Biogene. Services like microbe’s gene knockout and gene knock-in central to the gene-editing area can be precisely performed based on the CRISPR platform. As a popular and useful tool in microbe genome editing, the CRISPR platform always presents excellent performance and serves quality-guaranteed results in a wide range of projects.

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