In depth analysis of classic cases of kaggle competition

Kaggle In depth analysis of classic competition cases

「 Code byte 」 From the high-frequency interview questions to sweep with you Redis Core knowledge points , Fundamental understanding Redis , Don’t be a tool of eight part essay , To be the God of changing the world .

Brother Ma has written so far 9 piece Redis Serial , Backstage a small partner also asked me to write some articles about the interview , therefore “ Face bully ” The series came out .

If you read it carefully 《​ ​ Redis series ​​》 And understand , It’s no business hanging an interviewer .

  1.  ​ Redis Core : The secret that can’t be broken quickly ​
  2.  ​ Redis Journal :AOF and RDB Fast recovery from downtime , Data is not lost ​
  3.  ​ Redis High availability : Data consistency synchronization principle of master-slave architecture ​
  4.  ​ Redis Actual combat :6.x edition Sentinel Sentry group set up ​
  5.  ​ Redis High availability :Sentinel The principle of sentry group ​
  6.  ​ Redis Actual combat :6.x edition Cluster Cluster building ​
  7.  ​ Redis High availability :Cluster Can clusters expand indefinitely ? What is the principle ?​
  8.  ​ Redis Actual combat : Skillfully use Bitmap Achieve billion level massive data statistics ​
  9.  ​ Redis Actual combat : Skillfully using data structure to realize billion level data statistics ​

Redis Why so soon? ?

A lot of people just know it’s K/V NoSQl In-memory database , Single thread …… There is no comprehensive understanding Redis So we can’t go on asking .

The problem is to find out the foundation , We can Redis The implementation of the underlying data structure of different data types 、 Completely based on memory 、IO Multiplexing network model 、 Threading model 、 Progressive type rehash……

Just how fast ?

We can talk about how fast it is first , According to official figures ,Redis Of QPS It can reach about 100000( Requests per second ), If you are interested, please refer to the official benchmark program test 《How fast is Redis?》, Address :​ ​​

Kaggle In depth analysis of classic competition cases _java_02

Horizontal axis is the number of connections , The vertical axis is QPS.

This picture reflects an order of magnitude , Let the interviewer feel that you have read the official documents through quantification , Very rigorous .

Based on memory implementation

Redis It’s a memory based database , Compared to disk databases , The speed at which the disk is fully hit .

Read and write operations are performed in memory , We compare the differences between memory operation and disk operation .

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