Prokka Annotation or NCBI Annotation

Prokka Annotation or NCBI Annotation


Dear All,

I have two sets of annotation files for 15 Bacterial genomes. One set from NCBI annotations (from RefSeq) and the other from Prokka (I have run it in my local machine).

Which one is advisable to use between the two for all downstream analysis?

Awaiting your valuable feedback

Thank You





If I remember correctly, prokka comes only with HAMAP database of HMMs, which will produce terrible annotations on prokaryotic genomes. To get good annotations you would need to install at least Pfam and TIGRfams. Don’t know if you have done that or not, but you can find out by looking at prokka’s annotations. If there are many hypothetical proteins for prokka where NCBI files have meaningful annotations, chances are that you don’t have any extra prokka HMM databases. If you are literally comparing identical genomes, it may be better to go with NCBI annotations.

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