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Wherein Halloween is creeping up

9-Oct-2021 (Sat)

Wherein Halloween is creeping up

Halloween Week is almost upon us, and as per tradition, you can get a Five Night Multipass!

This ticket admits one person to seven parties over five nights: Sequence, Star Crash, All Hallow’s Eve, Booootie, Technolatry, So Stoked and Death Guild! (Note: one person, five nights. This does not get five people into one party on the same night, or any other combination.)

Other items of note:

  • This year’s All Hallow’s Eve poster is on sale! Complete your set.
  • I know many of you are sick of wearing masks, but masking is here to stay, maybe for the rest of our lives, so I’m here to tell you that if you want to get some of our fabulous and stylish DNA Lounge Dazzle Face Masks, now is the time, because our inventory is down to like a dozen or so remaining. Our mask sales have dropped off quite a bit, so we probably won’t order more. Get them while you can, and remember, each one is unique! The patterns on them are randomized, and guaranteed to prevent the enemy from getting a lock on your heading and range.
  • Have you voted for us in Best of The Bay yet? Voting closes on Monday. Those categories again:
    • Best Takeout: DNA Pizza
    • Best Pizza: DNA Pizza
    • Best Overall Bar: DNA Lounge
    • Best Dance Company: Hubba Hubba Revue
    • Best Theatre Company: Hubba Hubba Revue
    • Best Performance Space: DNA Lounge
    • Best Live Music Venue: DNA Lounge
    • Best Nightclub: DNA Lounge
    • Best Dance Party: Bootie SF, Turbo Drive, Cyberdelia, So Stoked, Wasted, Sequence, Death Guild…
    • Best Burlesque: Hubba Hubba Revue


    • Nightclub trying hardest to keep you alive during a global pandemic: DNA Lounge

    Ok, that last one isn’t a real category, but it should be.

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