Need Help interpreting Gedmatch results 1st and 2nd Populations, Finnish/NW Europe results, I do not get where these second groups came from and as far as I know have no Ukrainian, Russian or Mordvinic (Erzya) and where did the Maldives come from? Should I disregard it all? : 23andme

I switched to the K16 and still tons of Slavic for the secondary groups, Belarus, Russia oh and Baltic distance under 2. When I switched to MDLP K23 I finally got Swedish and with a distance under 4. Primary population was Swedish Sami 63% @ 1.35 and then yet again all Russian secondary groups?!

I’m just shocked I couldn’t find any Finnish for primary/secondary groups, maybe it was all the same group back then. Idk.

Edit: Doing more research, Mordovian and its subgroups are in every secondary group I test on Gedmatch. Lowest distances and are around 1.35 I have out of any group.

I did also get lots of North Russian Volga and Meshtchyora

I don’t have anyone else to discuss this with, if any Russian speakers or Finns have similar results or some insight that would be great! The Swedish Sami makes more sense tbh but it was not as easy to find.

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