Seeking a motivated bioinformatician

Job:Seeking a motivated bioinformatician


The Nephrogene lab at the Department of Nephrology, Medical University of Vienna, is seeking a motivated bioinformatician for a full-time position (
The research focus is in the area of alloimmunity in kidney transplantation with a strong focus on genetic donor recipient incompatibility and changes in the adaptive immune system during alloimmunization. Successful applicants will join our existing team to analyze genotyping and NGS data for identifying genetic alterations, scRNASeq data for expression changes and RepSeq data for characterizing the immune cell repertoire.

As bioinformatician you will have the opportunity to:
• Perform genetic variation analysis using genotyping and NGS data
• Develop novel bioinformatics pipelines for the analysis of genetic donor recipient incompatibilities in solid organ transplantation
• Analyze scRNASeq data with state-of-the-art pipelines
• Characterize the adaptive immune repertoire of transplant patients using RepSeq data
• Compile new pipelines to track the development of the alloreactive immune repertoire
• Employ statistical models to identify risk factors for post-transplant complications

Your profile:
• Being self-motivated and having the ability to work independently
• Strong interest in transplant immunology
• Degree and track record in bioinformatics or a related field
• Experience in NGS data analysis (SNP calling from WGS/WES data, scRNASeq data analysis, …)
• Experience in working with RepSeq data is of advantage
• Proficient in R and advanced knowledge of at least one other programming language (e.g. Python, Java, …)
• Good Linux skills; experience with at least one HPC environment is of advantage
• Solid foundation in statistics

The Medical University of Vienna is an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications from all people. If you are a bioinformatician seeking new challenges in the field of kidney transplant immunology please send your application to Sabine Weinberger ( Successful applicants will be employed initially with a limited-term contract and compensated in accordance with the FWF personnel costs with a strong willingness for overpayment in case of relevant previous work experience.





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