Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. Price, what is it, before and after photos, reviews


  1. The essence of the technique, price
  2. Pros and cons
  3. Contraindications
  4. What effect to expect and how long is it
  5. What drugs are used?
  6. Devices for carrying out manipulations
  7. The course of carrying out electroporation with hyaluronic acid
  8. Combination with other procedures
  9. Procedure video

Modern cosmetology method, which allows you to act on the skin with electromagnetic pulses, is called lip electroporation. Its use is possible with the use of various substances, but the most popular and effective is hyaluronic acid. Considering the cost and painlessness, the event stands out from other competitors.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

The essence of the technique, price

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid, the price of which depends on many factors, is a physiotherapeutic method exposure, which is able to significantly increase the permeability of the skin through the use of electric current.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

The essence of the procedure is a weak pulsating effect on the skin, which allows you to open on its upper layers microscopic channels, which not only improves blood circulation, but allows faster delivery of the necessary active connections. Thus, the effect is achieved without the use of surgical intervention or injections, which can cause painful sensations to the patient.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

Despite the fact that in cosmetology practice it is possible to use a variety of substances, the most popular is hiaulironic acid, the molecules of which are able to attract and accumulate the required amount liquids. Due to this, the skin becomes moisturized, elastic and nourished.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

The functional features of the procedure characterize it as similar to iontophoresis. At the same time, contrary to the erroneous opinion, both procedures are strikingly different from each other. So, electroporation allows you to deliver the desired substance to the skin using lipid channels, while iontophoresis interacts through the sweat glands.

Electroporation of the lips is gaining more and more popularity due to the absence of discomfort, which are typical for similar procedures – contour plastics and injection mesotherapy. Due to its molecular characteristics, hyaluronic acid allows you to preserve the structure of collagen and elastin, while the price for its implementation in some cases is lower than with other types of exposure.

Depending on the device used, the cost of the procedure varies from 1000 rubles. up to RUB 2500 If the patient wants to increase the volume of the lips, and not only to carry out a rejuvenating procedure, the number of sessions increases up to 8-10 times, depending on the final result.

Pros and cons

In terms of the lasting effect, electroporation loses to the injection and plastic methods of lip augmentation. Many cosmetologists advise the procedure as the main method for moisturizing the skin, restoring its elasticity and freshness.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid (the price depends on the type of device and the cosmetology clinic) is not able to overdo it with regard to lip augmentation, because for patients who do not want to increase the volume too much, this method of exposure is the best option.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

Physiotherapy treatment of the skin using weak electrical impulses allows:

  • Eliminate any painful sensations. In the case of electroporation, the patient may experience a slight tingling sensation without much discomfort. Only in some situations is the development of allergic reactions and other unpleasant symptoms possible, but this feature is a physiological reaction of the body.
  • Preservation of the natural integrity of the skin. With the help of physiotherapeutic effects, it is possible to achieve the normalization of the regenerating processes in the skin, therefore the procedure is most often used with a regenerating or healing purpose.
  • Availability. Unlike many other measures, especially the use of injections and plastic surgery, the cost of electroporation is quite low. At the same time, several sessions are sufficient to achieve the effect.
  • Lack of recovery. In the case of a physiotherapy procedure, the patient can do without a recovery period, as indicated by a minor invasive intervention.
  • The minimum number of contraindications. Electroporation avoids significant complications, which is possible due to the low number of various restrictions. At the same time, other types of exposure with the same effectiveness cannot guarantee such safety.
  • Low chance of allergies. Since hyaluronic acid can be synthesized by the internal parts of the body, it is not a foreign element. Therefore, although there are cases of allergic reactions, such symptoms are rare in practice.

In addition to the above advantages, electroporation makes it possible to attend several sessions at once until the desired effect is achieved. If the patient wishes to receive a small volume and primary hydration of the lips, 1-2 visits will be sufficient.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

The procedure has practically no objective flaws. The main thing is to choose an experienced specialist and clinic, which will avoid a number of complications that are typical for any type of invasive intervention. An ineptly performed technique can harm even with such a light physiotherapeutic method of influence.

Although lip augmentation using electroporation has sufficient safety, there is still a risk of injury to the skin. Subject to all precautions and rules of conduct, the safety of the physiotherapeutic effect increases to 100%.


Despite the fact that the procedure is practically not characterized by contraindications, as with other invasive methods of exposure, in some cases, its implementation can harm the body:

  • Pathological processes associated with the cardiovascular system. This feature can lead to changes in the small vascular capillaries located under the skin, due to which the physiotherapy procedure can be harmful. The contraindication applies only to those persons who have chronic or genetically determined heart disease.
  • Diabetes. With such a pathological process, not only electroporation, but also other exposure techniques are prohibited. This feature is explained by the fact that the presence of a substance injected under the skin can disrupt the natural balance in the body.Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price
  • Violations of the integrity of the skin. Special attention should be paid to the presence of inflammatory or infectious pathological processes that are localized at the site of the intended impact or nearby points. The procedure can aggravate the situation.
  • Malignant tumors. The presence of cancers on the patient’s skin can provoke a worsening of the clinical picture, up to a fatal risk. We are talking about severe tumors in the body and various degenerative rashes at the site.
  • Psychoemotional disorders. Since electroporation involves an invasive effect, various mental illnesses in the patient may worsen due to the peculiarities of nervous and brain activity.
  • Elevated temperature. In this case, it is better to refuse the procedure until the temperature of the body returns to normal. This also includes any pathological processes affecting the natural function of the body.

In order not to worry once again about your well-being and possible consequences in the future, you should refuse to carry out the procedure while breastfeeding or in the presence of any phase of pregnancy. In some cases, acid exposure can be detrimental to fetal development.

In addition to the main contraindications, the procedure is prohibited for persons suffering from epileptic seizures. Also, physiotherapeutic effects are contraindicated in patients who have any disorders associated with blood clotting.

What effect to expect and how long is it

The average amount of time at which the result is maintained is from 5 to 12 months, depending on the number of sessions and the desired effect.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

The duration is influenced by many factors:

  • Age restrictions. The younger the patient, the longer the final result will last. Due to its biochemical characteristics, hyaluric acid enables elastin and collagen to perform their main functions – to increase the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Since in persons under 40, internal fibers are synthesized by the body, it is much easier to keep them in good condition. The development of beneficial compounds on mature skin is significantly slowed down, therefore the desired effect must be expected much longer.
  • Skin type. If the skin is aging and dry, electroporation will quickly saturate it with the necessary elements, which will also speed up the process of general tissue regeneration. At the same time, the fatty type allows you to maintain the moisturizing effect for a longer time with a decrease in the number of physiotherapy sessions.
  • Lifestyle. If a large amount of alcohol is consumed, or if the patient smokes, does not drink enough water, the desired effect will last much less. In this case, it is better to resort to massage procedures or peeling, which will increase the duration of the effect. It is also recommended to give up addictions and adhere to a healthy lifestyle, including correct dietary norms.
Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price
The result of electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid

Due to its functional features in the person of point regulation of the skin, the effect of the procedure will be noticeable after 1-2 sessions. If the patient wishes to obtain a more lasting result, the electroporation should be repeated 8 to 10 times, depending on age, skin type and lifestyle.

What drugs are used?

In addition to the use of hyaluronic acid, other agents are also used in cosmetology practice, which have their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Adipose tissue. Numerous studies indicate that an increase in the volume of the skin structure can be achieved with the use of adipose tissue, which is taken from the patient. The main advantage of this method is that its introduction is not characterized by allergic reactions and the process of rejection. The fat layer is taken in the area of ​​the body in which its volume is in excess. Although this procedure is quite cheap, the effect does not last long.Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price
  • Natural collagen. The main advantage of such a filler is the complete absence of allergies, while there is also a significant drawback – due to its natural basis, the substance is not able to dissolve, which is why its introduction must occur evenly. The use of human collagen requires a lot of experience from the cosmetologist. Otherwise, the development of side reactions and the lack of the desired result are possible.
  • Bovine collagen. The main disadvantage of this method of use is the high risk of developing allergic reactions, which arises due to the introduction of a foreign protein structure into organic tissues. The second disadvantage is the severe painfulness of the conduction, in which it is necessary to use local anesthesia.
  • Polycaprolactone. This filler can be used for contour plastics. Due to its synthetic base, the substance is characterized by a longer preservation in the skin than with other methods.
  • Implants based on a synthetic substance. For this type of procedure, the beautician inserts artificial strips under the upper lip tissue.
  • Fillers used in contour plastics. Such preparations are most often characterized by the presence of hyaluronic acid, which is the main substance for the formation of tissues between collagen fibers.
  • Organic silicon. It cannot be used as an independent substance, because its use is typical in the composition of meso cocktails. It makes it possible to eliminate any formations of cellulite, increase the process of tissue regeneration, and also remove various toxins, toxins and radical structures from the body.
  • DMAE. The drug is injected under the skin to eliminate the main symptomatic manifestations of aging, including laxity, wrinkles and sagging. In addition, it is able to increase the elasticity of the skin and correct the overall water balance.
Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

Despite the significant cheapness of the above methods, their use can lead to negative consequences, the main ones are: an increase in puffiness, the formation of seals, an embolic effect on blood vessels and allergic reactions.

In addition, any injections are characterized by the occurrence of strong painful sensations both before and after the intervention. Therefore, it is best to use electroporation, which is the most comfortable, painless and less traumatic procedure.

Devices for carrying out manipulations

Despite the fact that there are a lot of devices for the procedure, in cosmetology practice, only 2 devices are used, the effectiveness of which is higher than when using similar devices:

Name Description
Meta-DUO The device allows you to issue a constant electric current of a pulsed nature, the frequency of which is 3.3 kHz. It is used not only for electroporation, but also for the purpose of radiofrequency lifting.
Meta-TDS The device makes it possible to produce pulses, the frequency of which does not exceed 2 kHz. This feature allows the device to be used to quickly rejuvenate the skin, eliminate stretch marks or a scar surface.

The above-described devices belong to the prime segment, because their price is quite high. Their presence in the beauty parlor characterizes the clinic as high quality and professional.

For home use, you can purchase simpler and more compact devices, of which the most popular is the line of devices from the Russian manufacturer Gezaton.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price
Meta-TDS apparatus for electroporation of lips with hyaluronic acid

The price of home appliances ranges from 1,500 rubles. up to 7000 rubles, depending on the type of use, internal characteristics and advanced functionality. Many of them are used for the purpose of electrical stimulation of the natural processes of the skin at the cellular level, as well as its treatment in case of age-related changes.

Home use of the device is strictly carried out only after an initial consultation with specialists in the field of dermatology. and cosmetology, which will help you choose the right type of device, determine the exact schedule of sessions or take a training course.

The course of carrying out electroporation with hyaluronic acid

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid, the price of which depends on the experience of the specialist, the amount sessions and the level of the dental office, allows you to correct or rejuvenate the skin integuments.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

The procedure is performed using a special electroporation device, which can generate a weak electric field. The impulsive effect on the channels and the cellular structure of membranes makes it possible for hilarunic acid to penetrate as deep as possible under the skin.

The conducting process takes on average 25 to 40 minutes. and is characterized by the following step-by-step actions:

  • Carrying out a complete cleaning of the skin of the face from particles of fat and make-up.
  • The application of a superficial peeling in the area of ​​the lips, which allows you to remove dead skin elements, because they can interfere with the achievement of the desired result.
  • Application of the selected meso cocktail, which is based on hyaluronic acid and vitamin minerals.
  • Inserting the meso cocktail under the patient’s skin using a special element in the electroporation device. At the same time, a person feels slight tingling and itching.

With a low pain threshold or overly sensitive skin, local anesthesia can be used. Immediately after the procedure, the lips become softer and more pleasant to the touch, therefore, if this effect is the most desired, you can stop at 1 session.

It is almost impossible to enlarge lips from 1 visit. In this case, electroporation is performed 6 to 12 times, depending on the final result and the patient’s wishes. The lips should be treated 2-3 times a week.

Combination with other procedures

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid (the price depends on the experience of the cosmetologist, the type of apparatus used and professionalism of the clinic) goes well with similar cosmetic procedures that can enhance positive effect.

Electroporation of the lips with hyaluronic acid. What is it, photo before and after, price

The electrostimulation procedure is often performed with the following methods:

  • Laser therapy. Provides stable stimulating and rejuvenating effects, the results of which are visible after 1 application. At the same time, the skin is completely renewed.
  • Myostimulation. It is characterized by high-quality skin lifting, the effect of which can last for 2 to 3 years. During the procedure itself, the skin receives the required amount of useful minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Lymphatic drainage. Especially relevant in case of such a problem as “orange peel”. The procedure is also used to eliminate excessive laxity, fatty deposits or sagging skin in the process of losing weight.

Carrying out the above methods together with massage procedures gives a more effective and lasting result. This allows you to restore the natural regulation of the skin during stress shocks or the presence of various pathological processes in the body.

The most painless and effective way of skin rejuvenation is electroporation with hyaluronic acid. Such an intervention can get rid of puffiness, eliminate cellulite or enlarge the lips. The price for the procedure is significantly lower than with similar methods. You should carefully consider contraindications, the neglect of which affects health.

Procedure video

Lip skin filling procedure with hyaluronic acid:

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