Exploring the genetics behind flower sex in grapevines |

A close-up photo of grape flowers.Team members Tim Martinson, Cheng Zou, Qi Sun, Jason Londo, Mélanie Massonnet and Dario Cantu have a new article featured in October’s edition of Wine Business Monthly.  The article explores the complex origins of flower sex in grapevines.

Grapevine sex genes are located in the sex-determining region (SDR) of chromosome 2. The identification of the specific DNA variations for flower formation types allows grapevine sex in plants to be determined using high-throughput DNA sequencing. This improves the selection of  breeding canidates by allowing grape breeders to identify desirable hermaphrodite haplotype seedlings before plants are old enough to flower. These seedlings are able to self-pollinate. The ability to cull less desirable seedlings early lowers the amount of nursery and vineyard space required.

Read the full article: How Genetics Determine Flower Sex in Grapevines

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